Is it Just Me…

…or do y’all do this, too?

I had this post in mind…it was coming together nicely (I thought). I jotted down a few ideas for it last night. I woke up this morning with a few more things He gave me (I thought). I was actually awake around 3:45 this morning. (Back to not sleeping again.) So I got up and let the dogs out and started the coffee, trying to be as quiet as possible since everyone else was still asleep (duh). I sat down for my quiet time.

It was awesome.

I opened my bible study and did a day of it (still finishing up A Woman’s Heart…God’s Dwelling Place).

It was amazing.

I journaled about two front and back sides in my notebook/journal.

Great stuff.

I headed upstairs to the computer to sit down and work on this GREAT post that was coming together nicely (I thought) and BAM…nothing.

I KNEW I wasn’t supposed to finish it. In fact, I ignored that knowledge and tried to plow ahead with it (clearly on my own here) and was nearly in tears because nothing came together and it was just plain old YUCK.

What in the world?????????

I sat back in the office chair and opened my heart and mind and clearly knew…

It is not from Me

(just got shivers typing that)

Just like your negative self-talk is not from Me.
Just like your anger and rage is not from Me.
Just like your stress and eating issues are not from Me.

My God is awesome, isn’t He? He allowed me to go off on my merry little way this morning, to let the frustration and anxiety grow and then brought me right back around to where I needed to be. Open. Seeking. Back on His path.

I love Him so.

6 thoughts on “Is it Just Me…

  1. how precious is that susan!we get going hard and fast for Him but is it His idea, His thoughts?absolutely precious and touches my soul this day…you create an aura that makes it feel like people have known you forever…i wonder if people tell you that all the time?thank you so very much for choosing 3 orphans and participating in my son’s Christmas project—wow!Kristin’s PayPay comment and yours had me laughing so hard. You are such a delightful person and so entertaining too!Here’s my PayPal Info:Go to http://www.paypal.comClick on Send Money (top bar)Send Money OptionType in Bev’s e-mail address:sixbrandons@sbcglobal.netFill in amount, etc. and hit send.That’s it!Britt is in high school during the daytime so he will “pick” your orphan tonight, e-mail you their group photo, and post their name both here and on your blog by around 9pm tonight after basketball practice.


  2. Miss SusanI chose a girl named Isatha, Age 16, and a boy named Arthit, Age 16, and a boy named Wichien, Age 11 for you. We will e-mail you their pictures.Thank you very much to your family for giving to both boys and a girl and praying for them. Britt


  3. okay 3 comments on one blog is a little bit much…but i just had to say to you that i feel like i have known you forever after 2 comments—how’s that happen?—just love you to pieces—you are my new BFF…honestly, i don’t mean to sound like hype—i think you are precious! look forward to getting to know you!


  4. Next time you are up at 3:45 call me…I am usually up too. I hate not being able to sleep…and I am not as good as you are…I don’t usually get up and have a quiet time! (I should though, it would be much more productive than just lying there thinking, thinking and thinking some more…)Anyway, thanks for your authenticity…I love real people!


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