Keeping it Light and Real.

I hate for any focus to be on me (which is why I had to give up the Praise Team at church for a time…I’ll go back. Eventually. A story for another time.), so to push the real me more to the forefront, here are a couple of photos…a “then” and a “now”.

When Saturday Night Live ruled the world
Myrtle Beach, SC
Circa August 1979

4 thoughts on “Keeping it Light and Real.

  1. It just goes to prove that love and age makes people look BETTER every year! (Not that the Mr. Bill shirts didn’t rock…clearly the shorts and the whole matchy-matchy thing makes the whole picture blog-worty!)But seriously, you are beautiful! Then and now!(Confession: I demanded we buy matching Mickey Mouse sweatshirts on our honeymoon, $40.00 each…we wore them once…it was the last time we matched…I’m sure Paul would have gone for more if the first hadn’t been a cartoon mouse!) He doesn’t mind color coordinating, but refuses identical matching!


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