Mathetes Award

Thank you, thank you Joanne.

I feel incredibly (yup…still using it) humbled that you thought of me. I love you!

I have come to know so many amazing Christian women through this blog world adventure. If you could see my “Favorites”…most, if not all, are Christian women. From every walk of life. It is so cool to open one of my favorite reads and cozy up with a cup of coffee or tea (yes…I drink tea, but get this…DECAF only, straight up…I’m such a contradiction, aren’t I? lol) and soak up the joy, laugh out loud at the humor, cry over the struggle. I’ve become so attached to so many of you (don’t worry…not in a stalker-kinda-way).

My point is that we are ALL on this discipleship journey. Some of us lead out and teach. Some of us soak up the words that fall from the teachers. All of us contribute in some way.

Love. That.

Near as I can tell, most of my daily must-reads have received this award. Except maybe one.

Jenny Hope.

I’m partial to Miss Jenny because my sister’s name is Jenny. I also have a BFF in my girl’s group whose name is Jenny, too.

Jenny pulled me in the first time I made my way (most likely through LPM) to her blog world. I’m thinking I could be her mom. A very young mom of course. Which makes me love her more. I just want to grab her up and hug away all her pain, answer all her questions (as if), and get my hands on her little darlin‘, Morgan and just love on her all day.

Jenny I’m passing this award onto you. You all can read more about it here.

3 thoughts on “Mathetes Award

  1. you are so sweet Susan! Seriously…you have no idea what your encouraging words mean to me. I am pushing 30 so I doubt you could be my mom…lol!! this blog stuff has been such a blessing!! thank you so much…you are so precious!! love jenny

  2. yep, jennyhope deserves much praise for her holy passion…wise beyond her years…and by the way, i just wanted to say to you that your words are certainly notice on LPM and in blogland…you are a great encouragement to many, a very real person full of faith…what an adorable title, you have a way with words

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