The Wheels in My Head go Round and Round…

My head is positively spinning!

I had a relatively down day today. Sunday School (The Man taught a great lesson from Andy Stanley’s “Go Fish” series called “Fishing Buddies”), Worship (The Pastor Brought. It. as The Darlings would say), lunch with the family and The Best Friend. And home again where I spent a couple of hours watching Orangutan Diary (?????).

Back to the spinning.

I had a few “ah-ha” moments today. I’ve been so wrapped up in Lucy’s “thing” going on and Philip’s wait-listing for CNU and absolute crappy first quarter report card, not to mention (zone out appropriately here) the blah, blah, blah of life, that I have forgotten about the things I enjoy. Or, rather, the people I enjoy. The Girls! I have missed them. And they have been very, very tolerant (well, some of them have been stoically tolerant) of my absence in their lives and my checking out for a time as the unofficial Leader of the group.

It was easy to do for a time…with all that was going on, but I had also gotten to a place where I no longer knew what God’s Plan was for our group. I DID know it was NOT just for the social, which is what we were mostly doing. I’m still not sure what exactly we’re supposed to be doing, but I do know that we have to get back to doing “Jesus Business” (the AH-HA phrase from Andy Stanley this morning). Of course! That’s it! We weren’t doing “Jesus Business” and He was no longer blessing our group time.

So now all we need to do is figure out exactly what He wants our Jesus Business to be. Prayer? Most definitely. Bible study? Probably. Some sort of “works”. Absolutely.

So that is Head Spin #1.

My house and home. Head Spin #2.

The Holidays. Head Spin #3.

Being down a driver in the household (see above reference to one crappy report card). Head Spin #4.

But, since it appears that three children will be hanging about the old homestead more for a month or so, I think that will help control the spinning of #2. My Note was not well-received. In fact (if you can imagine) it was met with much protest, grumbling and down-right disobedience. (Instead of making my head spin, this has made me rub my hands together with glee…cuz I’m all about spinnin’ some other heads in this household!).

And some of you may (or not) have noticed that the third Narnia book still has not been crossed off. Again, relating to Head Spin #2…my book is missing. At first I wondered if it was The Man…I do tend to shut the rest of the world (read…FAMILY) off when I’m reading, but I’ve realized it is just a testimony to the sad state of affairs my home has become.

My BFF Natalee helped me with some ideas on this and I’m still going to get there, Nat, but you know…it just hasn’t happened yet!


Well, I’m off to find a white shirt that The Man can iron for Caleb’s band concert tomorrow. Yes…he’s handsome AND irons, too! Love that!

Hugs and blessings, dear ones.

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  1. Well, since I’ve been trying to implement a schedule for me and the kidlets for over a month, the last thing you’ll hear is clucking from me. It will happen. Just keep willing it to. 🙂

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