Veteran’s Day

My dad has been on my mind all day.

It’s Veteran’s Day.

My dad was career Army.

I didn’t really appreciate my dad’s “job” while I was growing up. A lot of times, I didn’t even notice his absence when he went on travel. We never knew where he went. He had one of THOSE kinds of jobs.

Caleb spent his day today playing trombone in three school assemblies honoring our Veteran’s. It was very cool. I’m so glad The Man couldn’t attend. These things choke him up. Big Time. I wasn’t the only one choked up, though.

There were the usual songs…God Bless America, Star Spangled Banner, This Land is Your Land, Grand Old Flag, and it all ended with the school tradition of God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood. All of our children know every single word of that song. Thanks to their German born first grade teacher. Sometimes, it takes the perspective of one not born here to really grasp just how darn lucky we are. She played that song every single day during the first grade year of all three of our children. The entire school knows it now…year after year. I love you, Gertie!

At one point, the military service songs were each played and as their branch march came on, those in that particular service rose and we clapped for them throughout their song. There were two granddad’s there from WWII. They received an extra-special ovation.

I wish my dad had been here. But he’s in Florida with my mom. Enjoying the sun. Opening up their home there for the winter months they will spend there. My dad just turned 70 in July.

It’s not that I just started appreciating him and all that he sacrificed for us and for our country. But I especially appreciated him today.

Happy Veteran’s Day, Dad. You will ALWAYS be my hero.


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