Thankful Thursday…

Suddenly, it’s Thursday! My daddy was correct…as we get older, the time FLIES by!

Thankfuls in my life include, but are not limited to, the following:

…a new day of Grace every single day

…a husband who has seen me at my absolute worst and still loves me

…three pretty cool and amazing children

…a calling to love my church family from both sides of the fence…on staff and as a church member

…a cool-in-the-summer, warm-in-the-winter comfy home that needs tons and tons of work which makes the possibilities…endless

…the tantalizing scent of Fall…just around the corner…my favorite time of the year

…Starbucks coffee with real sugar and half & half…sweet nector of life

…physical health and the Joy of my Lord which IS my strength

…vehicles that run and money for gas cuz I sure am doing a lot of mommy-chauffering these days between two-a-day volleyball practices for My Girl and football practice for The Little Boy (who suddenly finds himself as the quarterback for his team!)

Off and running…blessings on this wonderful day that the Lord has made!

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday…

  1. We might have a little Quarterback over here too…he got to throw all the way through Flag Football practice yesterday!Congrats to your son…Quarterback is SO fun!


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