Sunday. Truly a Day of Rest!

IWe have had the best day.

I started the day with my quiet time/bible study/journaling (yes, Natalee…) and, instead of working out (tomorrow, Natalee) I headed up the stairs to start waking The Darlings. When My Girl was a baby, I always sang the song, My Girl to her. So I turned on iTunes, cranked up My Girl and proceeded to sing her awake. She loved it. I could tell by the way she threw her pillow at me then proceeded to bury her head under her arms and under the comforter and the high shriek emitting from her bed could only have been her harmony with my melody.

Um. Anyway.

I waltzed on outta there fairly quickly, but continued belting out My Girl. Nary a peep out of The Little Boy. He was still sound asleep. But a few minutes later, My Girl did emerge from her denroom and gave me a big old hug and smooch. Love those.

Sunday School, church and lunch at our favorite pizza/Greek place with three other families. A blast. The Man took my Razor to AT&T to see what was up with it and, darn it all, I needed a new one! Thankfully, we always get the insurance so it only cost us $50. With a $50 rebate! Woo-hoo. Love that.

My Girl and The Little Boy headed to the pool with The Boyfriend and a friend. My Girl and The Little Boy have been getting along really well. Here is a pic of them together yesterday in the car.

Here’s a pic of My Girl and The Boyfriend:

So, while they were at the pool and DH was outside working on the lawn mower and The Boy was enjoying vacation away from the family in Pitkin, Colorado (“Mom. I’m not coming home. Ever.”), I was able to have some down time on the computer. And vacuum a little. In between down time on the computer. And going to Cold Stone for a Cookie Minster. And playing on the computer. And supervising The Man caulk the bathroom shower. And programming my new Razor. All-in-all, it was truly a day of rest!
And excitement. Tons o’ excitement.
Love that.

Oh yeah…My Girl made the varsity volleyball team and she is PUMPED!

3 thoughts on “Sunday. Truly a Day of Rest!

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I have met such great people recently online! Thanks for what you said about the football stuff! It was a hard decision, but the kids are having a ball! My little girl is 5 and she will still play soccer! She is sporty like the rest of the family! The pictures of your family are great! The Boyfriend is cute…I DO NOT look forward to that part of having teenagers…but it will be here before I know it!

  2. your family is so cute! I am not ever wanting my daughter to date! I saw you are reading get out of that pit. I just bought it for the 3rd time tonight. Everyone keeps borrowing it from me and I read it when it first came out but i need to read it again and let it all sink in. 🙂

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