Things Are Hoppin’ Here…and Some Pictures.

The Boy is sitting at the airport, waiting to get on their plane for Colorado Springs. They’ll spend the night there at a little over 6,000 feet above sea level to begin to adjust to the altitude change. They’ll head into the mountains tomorrow. Best Bud’s dad grew up spending vacation time at a cabin in the mountains. I felt better knowing he was in control and NOT Best Bud and The Boy! Apparently the cabin is the last reachable home before switching to ATV’s/snow mobiles and in fact you need a snow mobile to get to this cabin between October and April. The Boy just phoned. He is so excited. I miss him already.

My Girl with her twin cousins:
Tonight is the last night of volleyball tryouts for My Girl. The competition is brutal this year. She’s only 5’6″…oh, and 1/4. A part of me wishes she would not make the team so that we can start the new school year off totally focusing on school. The other part of me knows how much she enjoys playing volleyball. Competitive volleyball. Either way, God’s in control and knows what is best for My Girl. The fact that He counts the hairs on our head and knows each sparrow comforts that He also cares about the results of a volleyball try out!

The Little Boy continues with football tryouts tonight.
He. Is. Loving. It.
It has been so brutally hot and humid, though, that tonight will be first night they practice in pads and area therefore allowed “contact”. They’ve done their fair share of killing the dummies, running, catching, punting, but no contact. Heard a rumor that he will also have practice tomorrow morning.

The Hair just cracks me up. His football coach said, “it will be coming off…one way or another.”
Nana & Grandpa on their birthday.

Katie & Granddad…The Man’s parents. They came down for Nana & Grandpa’s birthday (my parents).

Summer is speeding to a close. We have less than a month left before school begins. I’m trying to get some “changing in”. As in, Changing Me.
More on that later!

One thought on “Things Are Hoppin’ Here…and Some Pictures.

  1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog! Loved the photo introduction to your dear family! Summer really has sped by, hasn’t it?


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