Five Things I Dig About Jesus

Darla tagged me to list five (only five???) things I love about Jesus. I’ve had to think about it for a bit, because narrowing it down to five seemed impossible. Here goes Round 1:

1. I can do all (any, every) things through Him as He gives me strength. When I am scared, when I am lonely, when I am frustrated, when I am depressed, when I am challenged, when I feel defeated…He alone is my Rock, my Strength, my Salvation, my Fortress. I will never be shaken.

2. He touches the untouchable. Mark 1:40-42 and Mark 5:25-34.

3. He is my best friend. I long for my meetings with him. I treasure our time together. Praying. Talking. Listening (usually He listens and I talk!). Studying His Word.

4. Although I do not deserve it, He blesses me beyond measure. And I look for ways that I can earn His favor and be blessed further.

5. He has made me This Girl and I am no longer That Girl.

So, now I’m tagging Jen.

4 thoughts on “Five Things I Dig About Jesus

  1. thanks for doing it! It is fun to read everyones list…and it sparked in me that I love HIM much more than 5 reasons…have a good weekend..Princess to Princess

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