Hair. (Not the Musical).

So Kittyhox took a poll because she is wondering if it is time to cut Nicknack’s hair. (For the record, my response was a resounding NO!).

Now this child, definitely looks like a boy:

Caleb at 20 months old.

And so does this kid:

Caleb on July 5, 2007 at 11 years.

By the way, the girls ADORE his curls. The Man, not so much.

2 thoughts on “Hair. (Not the Musical).

  1. What a cutie! (Then and now) I love the teenage hairstyle. Very dreamy. I can’t even imagine my little guy as a big kid. But I can sort of picture his hair, for some reason.I’ve decided to just trim the front when it gets in his eyes and leave the back as is. I was playing with his curls a couple of days ago thinking, “Why would I cut this?” Who cares if he looks like a little girl or a little hippie. He’s a baby!!Thanks for your input and for sharing your pictures of your very handsome not-so-little baby!

  2. Hi Susan…I have been reading and not commenting so much lately, but just overwhelmed in everyday things to do! So I thought I would stop and tag you, come over to my blog and see what I mean..🙂 Darla

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