New Car, New Dell, New Life…

New Car.

The Man says it’s his.

But My Girl already has her eye on it…

This has been the most painful experience. EV-er. The Man thought it was “so much fun. Duh.” I found it painful and finally got to the point where I said, “just buy a stupid car. Any car. Just buy it already.” In hindsight, I realize he had me just where he wanted me. When we went to car dealerships, I would ask for the keys of the oh…1999 Black Corvette. Knowing darn well we weren’t buying it, but it was fun to sit in and dream. I let him talk BS and get down and dirty in the mud with the sellin’ folks. I am totally non-confrontational so I would really go into a dealership and point at one and say, “that one…here’s a check.” And that would be it. Not The Man. I don’t know about y’all but my husband is a logistician. That means logistics* is my life :

*Pronunciation: lO-‘jis-tiks, l&-Function: noun plural but singular or plural in construction
Etymology: French logistique art of calculating, logistics, from Greek logistikE art of calculating, from feminine of logistikos of calculation, from logizein to calculate, from logos reason 1 : the aspect of military science dealing with the procurement, maintenance, and transportation of military matériel, facilities, and personnel 2 : the handling of the details of an operation.
(thank you

Please note number 2: “The handling of the details of an operation.” Oh yes. That SO describes The Man. He has to “have a plan”. I know why he is like this.

His father. He is a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda guy. You could get in the car with that man to go to the grocery store two blocks away and end up in Texas. We live in Virginia. I have never forgotten the time they tricked me into getting in to the car with him to go to lunch. We went to lunch alright. AFTER a trip to the cemetery. I had never been in a cemetery before. Had no notion of making any more than one trip and that trip wouldn’t bother me because I would be dead. Yup. I’m totally over it now. Totally. Not.

The Man has to have a plan. He spent days logisticianing. Nothing was safe. The Internet. The phone book. Friends. Neighbors. Strangers driving a car. He entered his first dealership with a head full of facts and figures and a notepad that would choke a horse. He knew his stuff, I have to give him that.

But he couldn’t make a decision. He was Logistician Man on speed. He didn’t just leap from dealership to dealership. He leaped from maker to maker. Model to model. Woe to the poor salesperson who didn’t jump to attention the minute he pulled into the parking lot. One woman read him right from the beginning and (on purpose I’m positive) irked him from the get go and he walked.

Thankfully, he finally narrowed it down to two cars. I knew we had progressed to Purchase Mode when I was informed that I had to go along with him and two of the Darlings to a dealership (I had given up going with him days ago). I had to test drive both models…a Toyota Solara and a Corolla S. Not that my opinion or choice actually mattered. And I knew it. So I graciously told him what I knew he wanted to hear. “Let’s be practical and get the least expensive/most MPG model” (I knew he really liked the Corolla better but he wanted to make it seem like there was actually some sort of decision to be made). Two hours later, Mr. Logistician and the salesperson were happy campers and I drove the new Corolla S home.

New Dell

You can imagine my dismay when he said to me a couple weeks ago, “let’s get a new computer with all the bells and whistles.” Oy.

Thankfully, we only buy Dells. Although I might have been talked into a Mac. I’ve never even SEEN a Mac, but I love, love, love all of it’s capabilities. And I adore the PC/Mac commercials.

But we were going Dell. So, in anticipation, I pulled together a couple of configurations (high tech logistician word) and waited. It wasn’t as painful as the car purchase. But that is because I had “handled the details of the operation”. Yup. I was pretty darn smug. Can’t wait for the new Dell to arrive. In the meantime, I’m going to learn all I can about Mac’s. Too late, you say? Never. If I procure my feminine ways of calculating military science, I should be good to go.

New Life

Seeing this heading, you might be thinking, “after all of that, she’s taking the New Car and the New Dell and high-tailin’ it outta there for a New Life”.


This post by Beth Moore on the LPM Blog has really stuck with me since I first read it. I not only read it but printed it and stuck it in my journal. It keeps falling out and of course I have to read it again (and again) before putting it back in my journal. And every time I do, He teaches me something new about myself. It hasn’t been pretty. Between that sweet little bird pecking at herself and the Lifehouse Everything Skit video I posted, He has been doing a Word on me. Every day. All pointing me in one direction.

Susan, do you trust Me?
Susan, do you believe Me?
Susan, do you love Me?
Susan, do you love others as yourself?

The big ones.

I can’t really blame Beth or that poor little bird. He’s been trying to get my attention for years. YEARS. Decades, really. I listen. I hear Him. I change for a bit. But then I find myself right back there again. Disobedient. Lacking discipline. Hatin’ life. The kicker is that when I’m feeling this way, the people around me (you know…the ‘others’ I love) are hatin’ life, too. It dawned on me this morning…okay, it was during my quiet time/prayer time/bible study time so it was Him Dawning on me…that I was the reason The Man has been so grumbly and unhappy (not the car buying…that brought him great joy). Nope. Me.

Hate that. Totally. Un. Fair. He should be responsible for his own happiness (Susan do you love others as you love yourself? and Weren’t you just telling My Girl how much her actions impact other people?)

Who is a more important “other” than The Man or The Boy or My Girl or The Little Boy?

So, the New Life. Me. Trusting. God. Period.

Oh, that and joining Weight Watchers.

What could be better…Trusting God and losing weight. A New Car. A New Dell. And The Man who plans everything and saves us a ton of money and time, all because he loves me.

It’s a middle-aged woman’s dream come true.

2 thoughts on “New Car, New Dell, New Life…

  1. loved loved loved your honesty in your post! I can only smile at it because God has been showing me the same things…regardless of what or where, love love love love love! And as women we really have power in that, and it does flow to the rest. Only God knows how that really works. I do love to check in on your blog. Siesta to siesta!

  2. What a good post. I struggle so much with discipline and self-condemnation. And you’re right. Frustration and bitterness are so contagious. I know I set the mood for my family. If I’m down my husband is. If I’m happy my husband is. My grandma’s motto was “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” It’s so true. We have so much power and influence and sometimes I know I just squander the opportunity to bless my family. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I pray you will be blessed beyond measure!

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