Good Golly!

It has been 17 days since I posted a comment! I have been busy reading everyone else’s blogs, posting my own comments to them, but the thought never crossed my flighty little head to post on my own blog!

(long sigh)

I’m afraid this is just the beginning.

You see, I am a mother experiencing her first child going into his


Man, is there a ton of baggage that comes with THAT realization! Here is a sampling of my thought process lately…

The obvious/clicheiest…


And then…

Have we done our job in raising him to love Jesus and put Him first? I believe we have. Have we taught him that the only other thing you can count on AFTER Jesus is your family. I know that he knows it.

Have we instilled in him a good work ethic. LOL. Well, he loves to work. But school doesn’t fall into the category of “work”. Volunteering does. Helping others does. Working at the bike shop does. Mowing lawns for our single, woman neighbor does. So…I guess we pretty much did okay there.

Have we taught him to be a leader and not a follower among his peers? Definitely. He has never been one to follow the latest fads or to follow his peers into (real) trouble. One of the main reasons he is hoping to get into CNU is because of the President’s Leadership Program.

As I’ve worked through all of these things, I am actually becoming excited at the thought of going through this time with him. I plan to take a ton of photos, and spend as much time with him as he will allow me to! He’s pushed away from us (and by us I mean his dad) which has absolutely KILLED The Man. Even as he has recognized that it HAS to be this way, is SUPPOSED to be this way…it’s still hard for The Man to swallow. But never has The Boy pushed US away…he’s just pushed away a bit to allow some room. Some freedom. Some space to expand who he is. It’s pretty cool.

I’m excited to go through this first real step into adulthood. Getting into college. He’s already been accepted to LU. But his first choice is CNU. Marshall was deemed too far by his trying-not-to-cling mom.

The Boy and His Clingy Mom
Germany, 2003

And he has, surprisingly, agreed.

So, I imagine that this next year is going to race by. The end of July is upon us. Volleyball camp starts Monday for My Girl. Football camp for The Little Boy. In two weeks The Boy heads to Colorado with his Best Bud to spend two weeks in the mountains…fishing, riding ATV’s, hiking, repelling. Doing all of the things that FREAK ME OUT because I’m not there to “protect him”. Please, Jesus, watch over The Boy and his Best Bud. They belong to You. Please protect them. Amen.

The Boy and Best Bud

Once The Boy returns from Colorado, he’ll meet with his yearbook team (he’s Senior Editor), get his wisdom teeth out and his Senior Year will begin.

I’ve already asked The Girls to give me some grace…I’m The Connector. The one who keeps us connected, in touch, and informed about each other’s lives. I may need some connecting myself. But it’s okay, it’s just one year.

Unless I start thinking about The Boy’s sister, My Girl, who is exactly 11 months and 1 day younger than him…

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  1. Hey my sweet Siesta princess!I do know what you are feeling, one has graduated HS, took on college and career, another starts HS, and my little man (as big as I am) starts middle school…It is hard to remember that God has a plan for them too, and I am sure HIS is better than mine :), love ya and feel your heart! Glad you are back to Blogsville…I have missed YOU!

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