May Day Weight Loss Challenge Day 1

I just had my daughter take my “fat” “before” picture. Got to love this girl. When I gasped with horror and disgust she said, “but mom…you can SO see your rock hard abs!”

Those aren’t abs, honey, those are rolls.

She had me take a “before she got buff” photo and exclaimed…”ugh…look at my love handles!”

Those aren’t love handles, honey, those are your hip bones sticking out.

Yep…it’s going to be a long haul.

But I’m up for the challenge.

I’m going to print my before photo and carry it with me…crazy glue it to the inside of my wallet so that when I’m reaching for that $$$ to pay for that drive thru, sit down, fattening, unhealthy, whatever food, my hips and abs rolls will remind me to STEP AWAY FROM THE COUNTER/DRIVE THRU WINDOW.

I’m not going to publish my “before” photo until I have a good “after” photo to go next to it, nor publish my beginning pounds.

But I will share that I want to lose 20 30 40 oh, let’s just say 46…one for each year I’ve been on this earth.

Tomorrow, I’ll start posting my food intake and exercise.

Let’s roll…no pun intended.

6 thoughts on “May Day Weight Loss Challenge Day 1

  1. I’m on the challenge, too, and stopped by like Robin to say “hi” and “good luck”. I haven’t taken my fat picture yet…yoiks!…but even then, I am not going to post it til there’s been some noticeable weight loss. I like your daughter — what with the rock hard abs and all.Mine will just likely poke me a la the Pillsbury Dough Boy and make me giggle. 😉Here’s to the Challenge and all the friendly support we have!Kim


  2. i wish we could all just take one pill a day for everything we needed from food, and be done with it. and have everyone at their healthy weights.


  3. I’m doing the challenge, too, and I love your humor. I remember a time when I could see my hip bones, in those pre baby, pre business owner, pre divorce days. I can still feel them…I think that what they are…or maybe I just left my keys in my pocket. Sigh.Good luck, keep on laughing.


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