…and a Happy Birthday was had by all!

I really need a tee-shirt that reads, “I survived my daughter’s 16th birthday!”

Most of the day at the mall was spent with me saying, “no…you can NOT buy that because…”

…”it’s cut too short”

…”it’s cut too low”

…”it’s cut too high”

…”I know you don’t have much up top, but what you DO have…is definitely hanging out”

…”your father will never allow you to wear it”

and my all-time personal favorite…

…”a mother shouldn’t have to look at that”

We had a good day. But all of that was completely forgotten when this was heard:


Except for one friend. We reminded her that one friend is a good thing…

We picked up said one friend and went to Olive Garden. Yummy. We had a blast. The girls had (virgin) margaritas. I had (real) shiraz. Following dinner, we picked up the three friends who couldn’t come to dinner and brought them to our house for Carvel ice cream cake and presents.

Here is a pic of the girls…My Girl is second from right.

In about five years, our youngest child will fully appreciate the joy that should have been his during the taking of THIS photo:

Although I think I detect a twinkle in his eye…

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