A few things….

1. Heather is having brain surgery today…we are praying, praying, PRAYING! Anxiously awaiting updates on her blog. We need to continuing giving, as well.

2. Check out the new buttons on my left side. One is for a Mother’s Day Giveaway and the other is for a new weight loss challenge.

3. My friend Jen is staffing a women’s community weekend, leaving today. Toss up a prayer for her, the staff and participants, if you would. Jen is God’s child, all the way and will be staffing with and leading women from ALL walks of life, ALL beliefs. Pray that the true and loving Light of Christ shines through her.

4. Living in an mid-atlantic state is a killer for allergies. I am SOOOO suffering these days. What do YOU do to help with your allergy symptoms?

5. Off and running for more quiet time. God keeps leading me back to Sue and her posts on brokenhearts…that’s what I’m digging into this morning.


One thought on “A few things….

  1. Hello! Just checking to see how you were doing. I pray God is doing a deep healing work in your heart. Jer. 32:17Love, Sue


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