Cool News….

Beth at one of my daily reads, has started a new BLOG and I’m IN! So in. Both feet. Jumpin’ in, head first, arms wide open (just like my pit…the food/weight/exercise pit…I have so many at any given time that I needed to be specific).

Besides the fact that the layout and graphics and colors are just so darn cute, I am in desperate need of dropping a few pounds/ton o’ pounds.

So….stay tuned and sign up your own little self!

2 thoughts on “Cool News….

  1. i saw your comment on jackie’s blog, and i was reading through some of your old posts. it seems like you are so HONEST and transparent, and willing to acknowledge some of your own obstacles. that really encouraged me. especially when you talked about your life being a yo-yo in every category. i completely understanding what you’re saying – oh Lord, help us to be FAITHFUL and CONSISTENT! anyway, just wanted to say hello, and i really enjoyed reading your words. i plan to return. 🙂

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