The Purse Meme

My purse is kinda boring, but it has a great story.

I first spotted it at Kohl’s for around $50.00. Waaaaay more than I was willing to pay. I am definitely NOT a shoe and purse gal (but I’m willing to learn!). I was with a GF and she was surprised I walked away from it…not because it was such a great deal or was so cute, but that she had already been on a ton of purse shopping expeditions with me and knew I really liked this one. And ONLY this one.

She completely underestimated my cheapness.

I walked away from it. I came back to it about a week later. Same GF in tow. It was now marked down to $35.00. She gave me the oogglie eyes and the nod, but I was still a no-go. “Too much money,” said I.

About two weeks later, I wandered into Kohls, without said GF (she was home, exhausted from the tour-de-purse-departments with me). The purse was now marked down to $17.00. Surely, you are now thinking, this woman FINALLY bought the dag-gone purse! Nope. I was willing to wait it out one more mark down.

Two weeks later I marched into our church sanctuary with my brand-new purse slung over my shoulder. I did the little model “stop and turn” in front of BGF, who immediately recognized THE PURSE. She wasn’t biting, however. So I had to give her a nudge.

“Go ahead, ask me, ask me…go ahead. Ask me how much I paid for it.”

I could tell she really didn’t want to know.

In fact I said, “You don’t wanna know.”

She really didn’t at this point.

But I told her anyway.

“Seven-ninety-five. That’s right. Seven. ninety. five.”

She was pleased as punch for me and rightly so!

So here it is, a little long on wear and tear, but I like it.

Earphones are sticking out the top.

First look inside…kinda messy.

Everything dumped out on our bed.

Leopard spot reading glasses and case, sunglasses, video iPod and earphones.

Keys, four (yes, Jill…FOUR) purple pens and a light blue Sharpie(?).

An old grocery list on a blue index card. Youngest child’s soccer nickname/number cheat sheet, a bulletin from when Rich Swingle came to our church a few weeks ago and performed, and two invoices.

My black Razr (surprisingly) in it’s case with a sticky note on it that reads, “bread, sugar and choc syrup”, one bottle of Lactase 3500 (I refuse to stop eating dairy so I pop these so that I can indulge), Ibuprofen, hand lotion, Satin Lips Lip Balm (I’m a Mary Kay Cosmetics FREAK…my niece sells it and I used to years ago), lubricating and resetting drops for my contact lenses and 0.5% erythromycin because the pollen keeps giving me eye infections.

My wallet…the blue sharpie is back to give an idea of the size of the wallet.

And all of this was on the bottom…my iPod case (wondered where that was), Orbit chewing gum (two pieces left, fyi), two quarters, two wadded up grocery store receipts that were so faded I couldn’t see what I bought or how much I paid, three moist towelettes left over from Famous Dave’s, three tiny rocks, and one chunk of french fry…the brown thing towards the bottom.


This is a new bag I just purchased. A friend’s mom makes them. When I first saw them, I couldn’t decide between five different styles, but finally settled on this one (for now) and also picked up a Patriotic fabric one for my mom…who ADORES it, shows it to everyone and promptly announced, “I think I can make these.”

“Why do you think I bought you one and sent it to you, Ma?”

3 thoughts on “The Purse Meme

  1. When we were in China is Sept., I bought a big “Coach” purse ($30 suppose it’s authentic?) and it has doubled as my diaper bag- purse combo. I love Kohls purses- and their sales!


  2. I am proud that you have 4 purple pens in your purse, all the more to share when I forget mine. :0)What are you doing with a blue sharpie?????I’m thinking I need a new purse…wanna help me shop for one?


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