Dear Me.

Dear Me.

The house is not spotless. And that is okay.

Wiping the surface dust, vacuuming up the dog hair is enough this season. There will be a time to get back to the deep clean schedule and organizing the coffee mugs soon.

Lying in bed watching the woods lighten in the dawn makes you a brighter person the rest of the day. Enjoy the stillness and quiet of the morning.

Get dressed before checking the phone. Grab a lead and pup and walk the streets of heavy woods, singing birds, and small groups of deer quietly watching you pass.

This two-year anniversary month of your new home beckons thoughts of the past. Recognize the past formed you but does not define you set in stone if you don’t want it to.

Porch on the old house
Image: Travis Arnold
New porch quiet time

Spend a day or two there and then get back to the present. The mantles you wore then have lightened. Mom of littles and teens has blossomed to friend, confidant, advisor to loving, kind, incredible adults. A joy that was decades of prayer in the making. Rest in it. Cherish the time with them.

Christmas 2021
Image: Travis Arnold

Wife to the husband of your youth, enjoy this marriage of knowing each other well, loving each other without thought. Breathe deeply from the well of safety and comfort that is thirty-nine years of marriage.

Date Night

Welcome and embrace the changes. Created and nurtured by the One who loves and holds your soul.

Reach out to that new friend; reconnect with your lifetime friends. Relationships are what you are about now.

You worked hard to get to this place of less hurry and doing. This life of joy and calm. More time spent floating on the lake. Moments sipping warm cups of life over connecting conversations. Hours curled up in your favorite chair soaking up the Word and putting thoughts and memories and life to paper.

Smith Mountain Lake
Our Cove

Dearest Me. You dreamed of this life. Live it well.

Ann Voskamp invited us to write a Dear Me lines to the person I want to be to ourselves and post it.

2 thoughts on “Dear Me.

  1. One of our Pastors a while ago did a sermon on “…in the light of Eternity…” that I like to remember in situations like this. In the light of Eternity will it matter if I surface clean or will I be happier watching my hummingbirds for a while with another cup of coffee? I think the latter is better for my soul! 🙂

    1. I 100% agree! But I am also a Type A when it comes to that stuff. As I get older though, it is easier for me to allow myself to sit on the porch and read or write. Hope you are doing well!

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