May 7, 2020. All Things My Girl.

She turns 29 today. Sarah Kaye. Named after a great-grandmother and a grandmother. Born at 36 weeks, determined to do it her way, even in the womb. She didn’t spend but an hour in the NICU before being declared perfect. Happiest baby ever. Woke up singing every morning. She’s still a morning girl. Nicknames include: Beast, My Girl, Sissy, Goose, Daddy’s Girl, and Lucy. Her determination carried her to and through. Soccer was her first love. And horses. And all critters. And volleyball. She loves her brothers beyond measure. And will fight anyone who dares to treat them wrong. She will also fight her brothers at the drop of a hat, wrong look, or for saying something she didn’t like. Truthfully, she is my best friend. And my clone. Which means a lot of the time we get on each other’s nerves, seeing the worst of ourselves in the other. Also, the best.

For a brief amount of time, 30 days, she and her older brother are the same age. Which no one really finds remarkable anymore. Except for me. Their mother. Who was 10 weeks pregnant with a 3 month old and had two babies 11 months, and 1 day, apart.

Twenty-nine. How is it possible? Happy Birthday, My Girl.

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