November 14 and the mornings

Christmas Tree Farm, circa 1999

Anyone else distracted by all the things this week? Seriously can not focus on anything when I am home or out and about. Work is easier…I just close my office door and dig in. But home…I keep wanting to pull out all the Christmas decorations and get on it. We get our tree a week from tomorrow. (!!) The kiddos and family all roll in Tuesday night and Wednesday. Normally by this time of the year, I am well into my Christmas shopping list, if not done. I started strong but only have a couple items marked off. #Iwillnotpanic#Iwillnotpanic#panic

Along with all the distractions, comes a lot of stress. Talking with some girlfriends yesterday and into the night who all said the same things…not sleeping; stressed; can’t focus; achy; grumpy. ‘Tis the season. So what do we do about it?

Sunday’s sermon at Elevation Church was on worry. I’m a world-class, Olympic size worrier. Always have been. It takes me some worrying before I remember that 1) I’m not really in charge, and 2) turn to the One who is. That was me Monday. And especially Monday night. But yesterday, after mentioning my anxiety and worry to my husband, he reminded me of the sermon topic from Sunday and to do what I knew I needed to do. I’m going to give 99% of the credit to Jesus, but thanks for the 1% reminder, babe. Worry = gone. You wanna be there, too? Stop and listen to the One who is in charge. I laid it out…and then I listened. He was quite articulate on my next steps. I feel like I am not silent enough during the day. My “quiet time” is anything but. And I need to get back to it, the way I know it needs to be. Early. No phone or computer (my excuses to “help me with my quiet time”). And a lot more listening. Coffee in hand. And I feel like a new person this morning as I write this.

I’ve been sidelined from the gym for physical and mental reasons. Mostly mental that causes the physical. I was thinking I would be back on it today, but lack of sleep, the electric mattress pad, and snuggly kitties kept me from joining my spouse for our 5:00 am date. Weights and abs at home for the win. But honestly, I do seem to get more accomplished during the day after that 5am kick-my-booty call.

Off to hit those weights and work those abs, but first, I challenge you to encourage someone today. To stop and listen more.

See Y’all tomorrow…



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