November 7 and I can’t think of a thing to say

Well, that’s actually not true, because I have a lot to say. Just not sure how to share it here in an, um, palatable way.

So I’m just gonna start typing and see how it goes.

My heart hurts that our country is so divided. And I’m wondering what it will take to bring us back together. I think it is going to take me. And it’s going to take you. And it is going to her. And it is going to take him. Doing what we were created to do. To encourage. To listen. To help. To love.

Does anyone actually eat candy corn? There always seems to be a shit-ton of it left after Halloween in the “clearance” section. I don’t ever see M&M’s or Kit Kats or Reece’s Peanut Butter cups in the clearance section. And Peeps…Peeps are on the clearance shelf year round. #justsayin

Does anyone else leave up some sort of stringed lights year round? Not the Christmas lights…this isn’t West Virginia, but the soft white lights? We do. On our fireplace mantle and our deck and porch. They are calming to me. And festive. And remind me of the constellations. And how teeny tiny we humans really are in the grand scheme of life. And eternity.

Wine? or beer? Or maybe a girlie drink (no judgment here.) Or maybe just a soft drink? Which do you prefer? Comment below.

I love this time of year. The weather temps and humidity go down and frankly, my hair is at it’s happiest. And if you have hair like mine (curly, prone to frizz, thick) you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s not about vanity; it’s about time and containment of all the hair.

I know that this time of year is difficult for some. And, if I allow myself to focus on it, painful for me, too. Of course, I miss the generations that are no longer here with us, and I miss them, and I still embrace and practice a lot of their traditions. It’s the ones that left us too soon. That break our hearts over and over, every day, but even more so at this time of year. That has us wondering, “what if?” That has us missing not just them, but all that they would be now.


I love Y’all.


4 thoughts on “November 7 and I can’t think of a thing to say

  1. I leave white lights up in my Christmas all year. I find them soothing and at times joyful. I also eat candy corn and don’t understand that question??? 🙂 I thought my son loved peeps and would buy every kind they had for him. When he moved away I sent him more. Then one day his father told me he actually hated them. deep sadness…but still might send him some this year

  2. I love this.
    I have flameless candles all around all year. The faint flicker is hypnotizing.
    I hate candy corn. I’m always on the prowl for Reese’s PB cups. And I like peeps – especially left out overnight unwrapped.
    Hear you on the frizzy hair. It’s been 2 days in a row without frizz – I won’t get used to it.
    Anyone in your life whom you loved and who passed has left too soon if you weren’t ready for him or her to go. Are we ever ready?

    Keep writing! You have a gift.

  3. Looking forward to having a good beer after a long hiatus. Perhaps in another few months or so. After I am sure I could get a good 4-5 hr stretch with no nursing. Thanks for your posts.

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