The Sunrise.

Sitting in the living room, lights off, watching the sun rise.

A pretty sunrise, to be sure, but not as inspiring as I had hoped on this Monday morning of life changes.

I could hear, was distracted by, the noises of the house. My people up and moving about. Getting ready for their day; their jobs. Both, coincidentally, having to do with dogs.

Distracted and, I have to admit, bored with the sunrise, I looked down at my cell phone for a few moments. Pulled in by the headlines; friend photos; number of likes; games won.

I glanced back to the sunrise. What I had thought was over…done; been there, done that; same old story; had exploded into layer upon layer of color…newness. Glory…


see I am doing a new thing

I had almost missed it.

To be sure, this is a time of change for our family. For me. Twenty-four years of it’s all about the children has, in a moment it feels, turned to a child out on his own doing life; a more than capable college student; and an only daughter soon to be married.

Leaving one lonely momma and a pacing pops wondering…what do we do now?


It is testimony to a job well done. I would give us a B in the parenting department, if I could be so bold and generous. Maybe an A if not for those blown opportunities involving fear, anger, and sometimes, flat out failure. I would imagine most of us are an A, minus some please let us do-over moments.

Moments that build character in us and in our kiddos, I pray.

Done. Over. Moving on. That is where I was this morning. I had asked God for a Word only moments before the nearly missed sunrise. Told Him I needed a Word from Him this morning to keep going. To see a way…the way…through this shadow time…to the light.

I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

He delivered. Beyond delivered. He gave me the Word; and the story to reflect upon…remember…live.

Very often, what we think is done…is really just a new beginning; a hold on…keep your eyes on Me and watch Me work.

I am doing a new thing.

Don’t miss it.

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