The days are long, but the years…

For those of you playing along, we are down to 7 days of high school classes, 13 days until graduation and 32 days until beach week. I am seriously struggling to believe it is happening.

These are the pics we submitted for Brett’s portion of the Senior Sunday video for church last Sunday:

Six Months old – Myrtle Beach.

I miss that curly head of hair.

First day of Senior Year.

Senior Night with his two adoring fans.
No toothy smile due to still being a brace-face.

Funny thing is, I am loving this season of life. Our children will always be our children. But they are now also adults. Sometimes I forget that. Sometimes I don’t give them enough credit. Until one of them says something like, “mom, I don’t think you are very happy with yourself right now.” *mind blown* and also, *duh.*

I can hold intelligent conversations with them. At least my side of the conversation is intelligent. Their part, depending on which child I am attempting to communicate with often consists of, *blank stare,* *snarky smirky attitude* or “mom, I don’t think you are very happy with yourself right now.” I will leave it to you to figure out which child goes with which response.

I do have to share that, just between you and me, God did not intend for five related adults to reside under the same roof together. At least not of the Wheeler/Smith variety. Our house has never been smaller. Or louder. Or messier. The toddler stage? Oh how I miss it. At least back then I could toss them into their beds and go have a mommy-time-out.

Yes, I realize I stated I am loving this season of life. And truly, I am. Sometimes I forget that, just like when they were little, the days are long and the years are fleeting. So it remains in this season. And just like when they were toddlers, I will hug them tight, when they will allow me to. I will watch them when they don’t know I am watching, soaking in their faces. And I will thank God for them every night before I (hopefully) fall asleep. And just like when they were younger, sometimes my thanks to God includes, “thank You for stopping me from beating some sense into them today.”

I know y’all can relate to that last one.

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