Writing. And Sharing. Part Two.

I have asked y’all before, so I won’t ask again *but if you want to give me input…that’s cool* about topics that you would like to see on This Girl. I’m looking back over all your input and I’m pulling together…A Plan. Not a list. A Plan. Just sounds more…official? We will go with that.

In the mean time, here’s A List of some things on my mind/observations/annoyances:

I am still in major purge/reorganize/clean up mode. Here is the ugly reality of my desk clean-out. I’m waiting for Staples to deliver some organizing containers. *that’s my story…*

Tomorrow my eldest (oldest? when do you use one or the other?) turns 24. Since I’m only 42 right now, the math is really cutting it close. Pretty soon I am going to have to start lying about HIS age. *Not that I’m lying about mine, of course*

My guys are going to the Nats game tonight. The weather is absolutely gorgeous. I feel great. No one else seems to be ill. I’m regretting declining their invite. But it will be quality bonding time for the three of them and they can do whatever a dad and his two *pretty much* adult sons do together at a MLB game when mom aka Killer of All Things Fun isn’t around.

I’ve totally given up on my weight worries. No particular reason other than I’m doing the best I can. I’m eating healthier most of the time. I’m trying to be more active. I just don’t have the mental and/or physical ability to get serious about it. Yet. Besides, dropping 50 pounds before Beach Week…as if.

Thirty-Seven days until Beach Week, by the way.

Eighteen days until My Baby graduates from high school. Still seems like a long way off. Talk to me when we are in single digits.

Is it just me or are people really getting crankier now that the weather is warmer? As I was driving home from work yesterday afternoon (I work one mile from home, by the way), I was honked at; flipped off; and had some lunatic try to pass me on the right side as I was trying to turn right into our subdivision. People need to chill.


Seriously. I have no words.

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