Lack of Control.

Saturday Morning before Thanksgiving. My Girl was the first one up. Let’s clarify that. She was only the first one up because Wesson, her GSD puppy, was the first one up. But she stayed up and chose to make sure we all knew it by apparently touching every dish in the kitchen according to My Man. In truth, she knew I was stressing about the condition of our home and was jumping in to help.

The Big Boy and The Wild Boy are still sound asleep. Typical.

My house is a wreck right now. So much has been going on; my OCD has had plenty of other avenues to walk down but today my focus is back. Pray for the children, My Man and all of our critters as I’ve already had a temper tantrum involving the linen closet and sheets. The aftermath is not pretty and will need to also be dealt with today. I think I will snap before and after pics for your viewing pleasure but mostly as a reference for the rest of them. *them being these messy peeps I do life with in this house*

Control. I’ll be honest, the more I try to have it; the less I actually do. I think it explains a lot about some of the other, shall we say cute personality quirks I possess. For example, my need to begin playing Christmas in October. I really believe that I subconsciously think that if I begin playing Christmas music early, I will actually have a jump on Christmas and be done shopping, wrapping, decorating weeks before Christmas. For the record, that’s never happened. Next year I will try again. And guess what? The Wild Boy will be away at college *gulp* and there will be no last football season and all that entails. I will miss it. But, I’m totally done. This last season did me in.

Control. Not only has my house been out of control, over the top messy, so has my eating. Hmmm…just made that connection. Again, I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions, but I really do have a list of changes I want to make in 2014. My eating and weight and exercise commitment is numero uno. Among other items that I will attempt to control. Realistically, I have very little control of the four most important things in my life, my family. Therefore, I must attempt to control all else that is around me.

Also on my need to change in 2014…the need to control. Clearly.

Love you guys.

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  1. Your blog today has me asking myself….What do I feel I have real control over? I'm going to ponder over that one today. Popped a Christmas cd in my car this week, thought of you.

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