Sunday Thankfuls.

The first Sunday of November! How is that possible?! I’ve been saying it for months, but now it is true: Christmas is just around the corner! But this morning, I am focusing on things for which I am thankful.

My Beautiful, Green-Eyed Girl. Loving, compassionate, stressed, anxious, hilarious. She was cursed with all my bad traits and blows out of the water any good from me that filtered down. She is not just my daughter; she has become a treasured friend.

Our New Neighbors. Most people don’t get to choose who moves in next to them. We totally orchestrated the entire deal to get the people we wanted into the house next to us. Thanks to the love and friendship of our beloved Flo’s son, Bryan, who cared enough about us to make it happen.

Having all my kids home. There. I said it. Please, just don’t tell them…they will never let me forget tit.

My very own Clark Griswold. He loves to decorate the outside of our home with lights, lights and many more lights. And big, blow-up Turkeys and Polar Bears. *sigh* Thankfully, the neighborhood kids love his wicked decorating skills. I can’t holler at him about it. He hated Christmas when we were first married. He had to be assimilated into what a family Christmas is really all about. Fun presents; free-for-all present opening; wrapping paper ball wars; Christmas music blaring day and night and in every vehicle *beginning November 1*; leaving the Christmas tree up for as long as we feel like it. I have to say, he has embraced the Christmas spirit beyond my wildest dreams and we have successfully passed on the love-of-all-things-Christmas to our children.

Short post this morning. But I love you guys and will see you back here tomorrow morning.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Thankfuls.

  1. How Beth loved the holidays too! With her gone, the magic has somehow disappeared. I need around me to bring it back.

  2. I'm starting to get excited for Christmas! First time I feel excited this early. WHat a testament that your whole family is so enthusiastic. Really says volumes!

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