Why I haven’t been Blogging…but not really.

The last time I blogged was June 6. Officially, in any case. In my mind…I’ve blogged a lot. I plan to share some of my mind-blogs with you in the near future.

In the meantime, I am sharing a list. Also known as, “easing back into blogging.”

1. The Big (Graduate) Boy has been at camp all summer. Most likely his last summer at Camp Marriott,  Goshen Boy Scout Reservation. He’s large and in charge down there this year. Which is definitely his personality. Don’t tell him, I will certainly deny it, but I miss him. He will be home sometime towards the beginning of August and I imagine after two days I will be ready for him to go back to camp. It is just the nature of the mom/college graduate beast.

2. Speaking of beasts, The Wild Boy has been driving. me. crazy. being home all summer. Also, I have been loving him all summer. I have no explanation for these crazy up/down emotions other than he’s my baby and he’s now a senior in high school. *gulp* Reading that really made my heart skip a beat. But then I think back to him driving me crazy all summer and I realize it is God’s way of preparing the momma to boot the chicks from the nest and be happy with it. I’m there. Today, anyway.

3. Beach Week 2013 has come and gone, way too quickly, and I am now ready for summer. I only like two things about summer: Beach Week and all of the fresh fruit and veggies. Since we are all spoiled brats in the food area and are able to eat pretty much all things year round, really Beach Week is the only good thing about summer. We had the absolute best weather in OBX that I ever remember during July and the day we came back to Virginia it was sweltering, humid and disgusting. Unloading the truck made me whiny and dripping and I pretty much went straight to bed after a quick shower. I’ve been whining ever since. Next year, I demand Beach Week 2014 Week 1 and Beach Week 2014 Week 2. *please note that I have been demanding two weeks at the Beach since time began and, so far, no one has been willing to accommodate my demands*

4. Speaking of whining, we did have a disaster occur on Wednesday of Beach Week. A child, who shall remain nameless but goes by the initials of The Wild Boy, drove my his red Jeep onto the beach and promptly through (well, not through but rather into) a “puddle” that was three feet deep. Successfully swamping the engine and pretty much ruining the entire next day of Beach Week because his father was holding back from wanting to a. Beat the Wild Boy; b. Pummel the Wild Boy; c. send the Wild Boy home via walking; d. pretend it all was a dream. Thursday of Beach Week pretty much was the worst day I can ever remember in the 30 years of our marriage. And it all played out with an audience that included best friends and significant other’s of our children. Yippee. But we all survived, including The Wild Boy, so far. The Jeep is still vacationing in OBX at the Chrysler/Jeep Dealer Spa and, thankfully, we have not had any updates of the monetary kind. Yet. Please begin praying NOW that The Wild Boy redeems himself this school year with grades that blow us away by all being at the very start of the alphabet and many touchdown passes successfully caught.

5. More to come soon-ish. I promise!

P.S. sorry for the grammar issues…I’m refusing to go back and obsess about what I wrote so it is what it is.

UPDATE: Ooops…that should be now I’m ready for FALL…not ready for summer. See what I mean? 

Love you guys.

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