Some things.

The house is decorated.

The party is over.

Today The Big Boy and I are driving a truck load full of things to Roanoke, picking up my baby sister and driving to a not-so-perfect part of town to deliver it all to a friend of hers in need. I believe we will also stop at The Wal-marts to pick up a gift card to give to them, as well. Paying it forward. Blessed to be able to do so.

Christmas shopping is not complete.

The only gifts I have wrapped are those that my sister and parents took home with them after the party.

I still have some Christmas gifts I am working on.

Not only have I not done my Christmas cards, I don’t even have a picture yet that I am happy with.

Cards may, or may not, happen this year.

And, it’s okay.

Maybe I will join in the tradition of my friend, Lori and send out Valentine’s cards instead.

Maybe not.

I freaked out this morning with all there was “to do” on my list. I got snippy; snappy and snarly. And then I picked up two sweet kindergartners from school so that their momma could attend a funeral and they asked if we could go to McDonald’s for lunch. And, we did. The Big Boy, two littles and I. Their momma ended up joining us. The chatter and giggles and fun we had. Put things into better perspective.

Tonight we are having dinner with six dear friends. I do not have to cook or even bring anything.

The rest of the week will take care of itself.

Today I am choosing to live in the moment.

Love you guys.

Just a random pic of My Girl and I at the Tree Farm last month.

One thought on “Some things.

  1. Perfect thoughts for this season! Jesus is the reason…not cards, not gifts, etc. You are a wonderful person! When you think about the things you didn't get done, remember what you did do for a family in need and tell yourself…yes, I'm living the WWJD theory! Okay, this comment is a bit disjointed, but I just read Jenny's post on FB and I'm just not yet on an even keel.

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