Typical morning…

day starting with little sleep during the night
waking up to check my iPhone very, very early
to see a text from a sweet girl I miss
and a facebook post by my momma that makes me cry
myself back to sleep
waking up in time to jump up, run into the Wild Boy’s room and scream
while stepping aside to stay the heck out of the way
as he hustles around the house
then roars off in his Jeep
before I head downstairs to start the fire
and grind up good coffee beans
making the the kitties wait to be fed
because I love to hear them talk to me about it
so that it is quiet while I stand by as the coffee brews
smelling the wonderfulness that is the first cup
that will begin to get my day back on track
before I even sit down for Quiet Time with
the Lover of my Soul
Who reminds me that this is what life is all about
and that It Is Good.

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