Everything…a list*

*Random, mindless musings from This Girl on the day before the elections**
**No politics included***

1. Yep, I still reached down for the recliner leg lifter lever when I sat down on the starting to annoy me brand new blue sofa. I am again wedged into the corner, where the back and arm rest meet. Guess I will be hauling up my cedar trunk from the basement to use as a coffee table.

2. Jack is enjoying the new couch too, if the shmear of dog fur on the cushions is any indication. Drastic gating measures will commence this evening. He will like the kitchen floor better, anyway…his spot is right under the heating vent and toasty warm.

3. I haven’t had a glass of wine in many nights now. I decided to give it up, not because I was addicted or anything, but because it really just pushed my heartburn into overdrive. Please don’t be alarmed, if I had any wine at all, it would be a glass or two with dinner, and certainly wasn’t needed, but I have to admit my GERD is more under control. *dashes off to take her Prilosec*

4. I’m sure the coffee I consume in the morning has nothing to do with my GERD issues. *totally in denial…admitting freely to be addicted to lots and lots of morning coffee*

5.  My current project is our basement. We still have stuff from my in-laws down there, stuff from Shawn’s college years that didn’t go back to Longwood with him for his one remaining semester, and, of course, tons of my our stuff. So I started in the back corner of the utility room which is the work bench area that My Man can never get to because of all of my the junk on it. I managed to get rid of a bunch of stuff, hide some stuff in the kitchen cabinets (the old ones from our kitchen remodel after we first moved in) and laid out a bunch of stuff he needs to deal with (all still there two weeks later, by the way…I’m not the only one who is organizing challenged.) I’ve started on the book shelves and plan to finish those up today. The key, I’m learning, is once you clean out and organize, you have to keep that area cleaned out and organized. Major fail in that area. Also, cleaning out and organizing one area junks up another area. Like magic.

6. Looking around my living room as I sit here typing in front of the fire, I see it’s time to move onto the next season in my decorating. The Patriotic decorations were a dead give-away.

7. Speaking of next seasons, do y’all have Holiday traditions that you do every year? Share some, if you can figure out how to comment on the the blog. I really need to put up a blogging comment tutorial, don’t I? You can’t answer yes to that if you don’t know how to comment. A vicious cycle.

8. I know I’m really lacking in the Evil Chloe story department. Now that she has become Angelic Chloe, however, the stories are pretty boring. Sweet, but boring. Maybe it’s time to get another feral kitty, strictly for the sake of blogging, you understand. I’ll bring that up to My Man and see how that goes over. I’m sure it will be okay since he said absolutely no more animals after Sami died (we have Jack) and after we got Tux (and we now have Chloe, too.) Piece o’ cake.*

*he doesn’t even read my blog…guessing he doesn’t care about my need for blog fodder

9. College trip alert. Two, actually. This Saturday, we are taking The Wild Boy to Shepherd University for a college visit and a meet-the-football-coach visit. We are supposed to be staying for the football game, also. Next Thursday, The Wild Boy flies to Dallas…ALONE *gulp*…and will hang out with bff’s, Stephen and Leeann Allen and tour Baylor and also attend a football game. No meet with the coach. He’s really not interested in attending there, but we wanted him to see a Division 1 game at a good school and who knows…he might decide he loves Baylor.

10.  Chloe just sauntered in, flopped down on the rug in front of the fireplace and proceeded to bathe. I sat here observing for a moment and no more kitty kisses from her, I’ve decided…

11. Lastly, my political word for the day: Go out and vote tomorrow. I don’t care about your political preferences, just exercise your right to make a difference, because, as The Wild Boy would say:


Love you guys. Chat soon….Day 6 tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Everything…a list*

  1. We have some of those wooden blocks with the letters on them that have been turned into little elves that say NOEL when they're sitting next to each other. Our #3 son, from the time he was in 5th or 6th grade would walk in and change them to say LEON. Now we don't even bother with NOEL…we just automatically set them up to say LEON. It's a weird tradition, but it tugs at the heartstrings everytime we do it!


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