Hunker Down…

The government, schools, colleges and most restaurants are closed all around us. I took this opportunity to sleep in a bit after My Man headed out before 5:00 this morning to “man the station” as he says. Aka…pull his shift as crisis guy for the government at some “undisclosed location.” Hush-hush and all “I-could-tell-you-but-then-I’d-have-to-kill-you” like.

So I wished him well, told him to be careful and “love you(ed)” him out the door and snuggled back down into my heated mattress pad blanket cave. Thankfully, my cell phone vibrate-buzz woke me at 8:45 an undisclosed time and my body screamed for VERONA as the kitties were screaming for their breakfast treat (a small spoonful of canned cat food in their bowl before a day of dry cat food. Here they are waiting patiently. Our routine is momma gets the coffee brewing first…then they can have their treat. Jack, our Golden, gets to lick the spoon.

I’m catching up on the last of the laundry (towels and sheets and things that weren’t critically needed to be done prior to power outages); a pot of pasta e figouli is on the stove, simmering; I’ve already sent out an email to our bible study ladies; and taken a few pics of our back deck. Fall, I might have mentioned 8,436 times a time or two, is my favorite time of the year. Our house backs up to parkland and when the trees are full, you can barely tell there are houses behind us. The Fall foliage is always spectacular and I try to take a few pics every year. With the storm coming in (My Man just texted me that the latest weather profiles show Sandy expected to make landfall closer to DC/Baltimore than expected which sucks for us), I figure there won’t be many leaves left on the trees come Wednesday when the rain is supposed to end.

In anticipation of the storm and not having classes, my oldest child spent some time making this beauty in his  townhouse kitchen. Good to know he’s learning how to do something with the tens of thousands of dollars his father and I are laying out each year. My only consolation is that this is his last semester and thankful that he didn’t get this brilliant idea week one of freshman year. Also thankful it is NOT coming home with him.

Just noticed I haven’t blogged since September 19. I’m going to make up for that in November since I’m participating in this:

The last couple of weeks I’ve been mulling over some ideas to blog about. I was too lazy didn’t get around to writing them down, but I think I’ll be able to fill the entire month with daily blogging. I’ll post a link on my facebook page and on The Twitter as well as participating in the BlogHer November Blog Roll. Some of you have mentioned some ideas you would like me to blog about. I was too lazy didn’t write them down, so if you think of something, email/facebook/tweet/text me with your suggestions.
In case you didn’t get the word, The Wild Boy was injured scoring a brilliant, game winning touch down in a practice recently and is out for the season. He partially dislocated his right shoulder. Has really slowed him down. Not. At least now when he is standing on the sidelines for an entire game, his arm in a sling explains why. Not that I’m bitter or anything. I’m totally over it. Just like I’m totally over not being voted Homecoming Queen and had to settle for the honor of being Maid of Honor. Yes, it was 1979…what. of. it?
Speaking of Homecoming…cutest couple. EVER.
Okay, I’ve bored y’all long enough. Waiting on The Wild Boy to deliver my diced ‘maters and great northern white beans so that I can get my soup finished. Y’all stay safe during Sandy. 
Hunker Down*
*now used in place of, “have a great day!” on the East Coast*
Hurricane Sandy Update: As I’m finishing up this post, it is 1:10 pm on Monday, October 29. The rain is non-stop now and the wind is constant with major gusts. Things are definitely picking up.

 Love you guys and chat soon.

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