Thursday Randomness.

It’s time for another round of Thursday Randomness. Grab your reading glasses and try to keep up!

  • I have a ton of bible translations but the NIV study bible is my favorite. How about y’all?
  • Deep in quiet time prayer this morning, Her Evil Highness skimmed across my foot, rubbed her head all over me and promptly coughed up a hairball. 
  • We are moving my father-in-law into assisted living tomorrow. His new apartment is tiny, tiny, tiny but I think this is the right decision. 
  • Great news on my momma…her oncologist said, “see ya in 3 months.”
  • Keep my dad in your prayers…back surgery is scheduled for Sept 7. Recovery going to be tough.
  • Smith/Secrist Beach Week 2012 is just a faint memory. So faint, I feel like it never happened. There is just something about the ocean that I love. I’m sure I’m the only one…
  • Those annoying, tiny ants are taking over my kitchen. I just can not get rid of them. I am sure I am poisoning all of us with my annihilation efforts. Today I’m in search of a more healthy and safe extermination substance….Ortho looks like they make one. 
  • Big Boy heads back to Longwood tomorrow for his last undergraduate-degree semester. It’s going to be a tough semester for him…three History classes, work, and his internship. These three things will severely cut into his video-game-playing-time. PRAY.
  • My Girl starts back to NOVA next week and soon after begins a new job teaching preschool! Soooooo stinkin’ excited for her and proud of her. 
  • The Wild Boy has his first Varsity scrimmage tomorrow night at WSHS against McLean. Come on out…starts at 6:30. Not sure he will see any playing time, but this heralds the true arrival of the 2012 school year. He has had two-a-day practices for two weeks now and we have been taking him dinner around 7:00 every night. My Man wants to know why we never eat this healthy and well when it is NOT football practice season. I have no explanation.
  • Our long-time Pastor, Wayne Jenkins, is retiring. His last Sunday at SRBC is August 26. He has not only been our Pastor, but also my boss (he hates that word, by the way), a mentor and our friend. Right now, he and Carolyn (who is also retiring!) are staying in the area.
  • But things are not slowing down at SRBC…we have lots of fun things coming up. Bible Studies will be resuming in September. Youth and children’s activities. Come on by and check it all out on September 15…our Annual Family Fall Festival. Here is our web page: South Run Baptist Church. (This is not a paid advertisement.)
  • The Annual Beth Bryan Foundation Swim-a-thon is scheduled for Sunday, September 2 at Orange Hunt Pool. Go here for more info. We miss you, Beth! Every single day.
  • Did I mention that I ditched the Droid and have my beloved iPhone back? Oh. My. Word. I can’t tell you…it was like coming home to an old friend. Wild Boy dropped his Droid while on Mission in Puerto Rico and I saw this as a sign an opportunity to give him my new Droid and get a new iPhone 4S. If I were a cat I would be purring…
  • And seriously…how spoiled am I?
That’s all I’ve got for this episode of Thursday Randomness. Catch you on the flip. Hugs!

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