Just some thoughts…in bullet formation

  • why am I 51.5 years young and my face is breaking out like a teenager
  • my parents waited until they were in their 70’s to own their first cat…still can’t wrap my head around it
  • his name is Zach and he is a wild man
  • it makes me laugh out loud to think of it
  • I have finally embraced my big hair, thick hair, got-way-too-much-of-it, hair…mostly due to all of the straightening serums out there
  • beach week can NOT arrive quickly enough…although I also dread its arrival because it will fly by
  • I should, at this very moment, be doing a bazillion different things
  • instead I am watching the Downton Abbey Christmas Special
  • don’t judge
  • tomorrow afternoon, Brett, Sarah and I are taking my father-in-law, Alvin, over to Renaissance Gardens, which is the assisted living area of Greensprings…assuming we can find him…as he’s gotten older, he tends to wander and is rarely where he is supposed to be at any given time
  • please pray for him and my husband, who is bearing the brunt and stress of it all
  • I’ve encountered a bit of a bout of writer’s block…it’s not that I don’t have anything to say…I do…lots…but I just don’t like any of it
  • yesterday I had that moment when I was praying for someone to turn from their sin and I felt a tap on my shoulder and heard “but you have that sin, also, Susan” whispered to my heart. Umm…excuse me? I don’t…um…I didn’t…uhh…are You sure?
  • have I mentioned we have four days and a wake-up til we start beach week?
  • I ordered a book to take to the beach and it still hasn’t shipped…I’m thinking it will be after beach week reading instead
  • our back deck lights are all out of whack since the big black out of 2012…fixing them would require actually getting up out of Mame’s chair, walking down into the dungeon, manhandling the back door open and changing the timer…three hours off isn’t a big deal
  • yesterday I told My Man it was time to gut the house and get to work on it…he said he would get back to me on that…
  • I’m really excited for football season to begin…don’t get me wrong, I love MLB baseball…but football means fall and fall means cooler weather…I totally feel like we got ripped off last winter
  • I just started following several Downton Abbey stars on The Twitter…soooooooo excited!
  • recently, I have had no less than 5 people tell me, in one way or another, that I need to get a life…they all meant it in the most loving way, and I know that they meant…chill…tap back into my creativity…read more…write more…relax…all of the above and more
  • working on that
  • trying to figure out what that means
  • gonna start with beach week and see how it goes from there 

Love you guys. Chat soon.

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