My Monday morning bible study is studying Randy Alcorn’s, Heaven. When Miss Jeanie first mentioned we would be studying this, I knew it was exactly what I needed.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Heaven lately. I wish I could tell Jeanie that my mind has been focused on the, “REnewed heart, REnewed mind, REnewed body” aspect.

But it hasn’t.

No surprise, my mind has focused on those that I will see there; those gone before me, to be more specific.

But here’s the thing: since starting this study, not only did I start having nightmares (which have stopped, thankfully) but, God totally has me mending fences; reaching out to those I’ve pushed away for whatever reason; filling my sleepless nights with intermittent vivid dreams of things I need to take care of and/or repent of. Gotta say it has me a bit freaked out. But for once in my life, I am determined to obey.

Anyway, that is where I am right now. I know there are several blog posts I am supposed to be writing and I hope to get those cranked out sooner rather than later.

Love you guys.

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