To Celebrate her 21st Birthday…10 Things you probably don’t know about My Girl…

A list! Hooray!

  1. My Girl had piercing blue eyes (just like her maternal great-grandfather’s) until she was about two years old. Now they are a wicked green (just like her momma’s).
  2. At five feet, seven and one-half inches tall, My Girl was an all-district outside hitter and successfully and repeatedly blocked opponents who were always much taller than she.
  3. My Girl plays the drums and has an awesome singing voice.
  4. My Girl totally destroyed every connective tissue in her knee a year and a half ago and is just now able to be serious about her running and workouts again. Alas, volleyball is pretty much always going to be a no-no for her for the rest of her life. (And that goes for soccer, too, missy.)
  5. But she can coach. She got that gene from her Dad-o.
  6. My Girl is fluent in German. And apparently has a talent for languages, including Sign Language. She did not get that gene from her parents.
  7. My Girl always turned down candy if there was fruit available; especially grapes. She is still a huge fruit lover and not so much a candy lover.
  8. My Girl is an awesome writer. She does not know that she has this talent, but her momma knows. And has evidence to prove it.
  9. My Girl loves musicals. Yes, she does even though she will deny it.
  10. My Girl has a bit of the rebel in her…and she definitely got that gene from her momma.

Bonus #11. My Girl is the most sensitive, compassionate and loving person I know. Period. 

Here are just a few of my fave pics of My Girl…she is so going to want to kill me; but, if I hear One Word about them from her I will post The Tigger Photo. Oh yes. I will.

Happy 21st Birthday, Sarah Kaye Smith! You bring unending joy to us!

2 thoughts on “To Celebrate her 21st Birthday…10 Things you probably don’t know about My Girl…

  1. Happy Birthday Sarah! I've never met you, but I ADORE your mama and she loves you to no end, and therefore I do to! Have a wonderful day!!!

    (PS, I am now DYING to see the Tigger picture!!)

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