Finding Joy in the small things…

1. Lionel Richie and Darius Rucker, Stuck on You. I am totally and completely stuck on it.
2. Lionel Richie songs remind me of high school; high school reminds me of Turkey; Turkey reminds me of all the great friends I still stay in touch with all these years later; which reminds me how old we they all have gotten; all of which brings me great joy.

3. Purple toilets in my front yard.

4. My church family; cooking dinner with them; serving; cleaning up; all the while talking serious things of life; and the laughter.
5. Eric Church; his music adds years back to my life; or at least my soul.
6. My neighbors; they do awesome things like pay to have a purple toilet put in your yard; which you then have to pay to get out of your yard.
7. My Man opening the door and calling Her Evil Highness, letting her run out and then laughing hysterically as he closes the door saying, “bye bye Chloe.”
8. The things now that then would have sent my world into a tail spin. Now…not so much. Major life events that nearly destroy us put a whole new spin on the subsequent meaningless nonsense.
9. My Girl is going to be turning 21 in 12 days. Twenty-one. Wait…this one may not bring me as much joy as I thought.

10. Thinking about Andy; pain and joy at the same time.

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