A question…

Will y’all help me out by answering a few questions for me? I’m doing research on a subject and would like personal content, as well. Answer anonymously, if you would like. Email me privately, if you prefer. I’m not looking to start a war here, I am just looking for your own personal experiences. Here we go:

1. Have you ever felt the presence of a deceased loved one or friend?
2. Have you ever been touched or tapped or otherwise been certain something or someone touched you, yet no one was there?
3. Do you hear or feel a deceased loved one speaking to you?
4. Have you experienced anything else unexplainable…such as objects moved when you are certain that you or someone else did not move them?
5. Anything else you have experienced that you would like to share?

Again, I am not opening this up for a discussion on good versus evil, or arguments on what may be right or wrong or true or not. IF you have an experience to share, please share. If you post things that are negative or inflammatory, those posts will be deleted.

Thanks so much. More to come on this subject.

*I’ve turned comment moderation on which means that you will not immediately see your comment on the blog post. I will review the comments as they come in before approving them to be shown publicly.

Hugs and love y’all.

3 thoughts on “A question…

  1. No to all. But in our other house here on Oki I often felt as if I as being watched while I dried my hair. Okinawan's are very big into ancestor worship and where we were living is surrounded by hills that are covered with ancestral tombs.


    the 4th picture down show what I'm talking about in this link: http://members.shaw.ca/nambuworld2/okinawa.htm

    This is a spiritually dark place to live and I believe there is a constant warfare going on here. It also affected the youngest. About 4 months before we left that house she started screaming nightmares and hearing voices telling her to harm herself and that she was a bad person. The move to our current location has seen an end to that.

    that's my experience here. Don't know if that puts a different spin on things or not.



  2. 1. Yes. Very surely and strongly
    2. Yes.
    3. Not in an audible voice but have felt that they used nature to express something to me; maybe I was looking for their voice.
    4. No.
    Looking forward to reading what you have on this.


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