Just wanted y’all to know…

It has really been difficult for me to not be a total downer day after day on This Girl. Writing this blog, like journaling, is a way to pour out what I’m really thinking and feeling and quite often, it is some pretty dark stuff. I want to keep it real for y’all. I realized today I need to share some good stuff with you so here we go: *y’all know I love me some bullets*

  • I love love love Christmas. I start listening to Christmas music in October, much to the dismay of bff, Teri. Really, though, when you think about it…it’s still only three months out of twelve. *I will admit that by the time December 26 rolls around, I am done with Christmas music* Every year I want to drag out all of my Christmas bins (and there are many) and decorate, decorate, decorate. Usually, something *life* gets in the way and I end up decorating a bit and saying, “next year.” This phenomenon, also known as HerEyesAreWayBiggerThanHerTimeScheduleAndHerADD, occurred this year. *and most likely will next year since I’m on a 28 year roll*
  • I have The Best Kids Ever. Shawn *aka The Big Boy* has always been extremely gregarious, never known to hesitate to step onto the stage, whatever it may be, and although he looks remarkably like my father, he is his father’s clone in personality. He has the most beautiful sherry brown eyes. He also has very little patience with his mother. Word on the street is his mother can, and recently has, taken him down.Β 
  • Sarah, *aka My Girl* is still furious with me that she ended up only 5’7 1/2″ tall. On a good day. While her oldest brother topped out around 6″ and her baby brother is around 6’3″ and still growing, I concede that, as a volleyball player, and an outside hitter at that, she has every reason to be livid. I must brag a little and share that she was still an All District outside hitter each year on Varsity. Short Girl Can Jump. And Hit. And Block. (P.S. don’t tell her I told you but she can also play the drums.)
  • Brett *aka The Wild Boy* was our most funny kid. He started spewing words around 12 months, and didn’t shut up until he hit age 13 and has only said, and I’ve counted them, 15 words since. Thirteen of those words have been to His Girl, Harlee. Second to Harlee is his love of football. The playing of football. More particularly, the hitting of football. Sadly, he is a wide receiver, although he would go defense in a heart beat.
  • I love driving our truck. It’s a Dodge Ram. Dual exhaust. And…”it’s a Hemi.” So far *knock on wood* I’ve not received a ticket while driving said truck. Any day now, I expect.
  • I received my OCD (or, as the letters should properly be listed…CDO) directly from my mother. She is and always has been a perfectionist. As was her father before her. I like to think I am keeping the family legacy alive and well. Surprisingly, the Smith genes totally overrode any and all tendency of OCDness in my children, except for a minute trace found occasionally in my oldest. The Odenthal genes, however, were apparently much weaker and could not crush the much stronger OCD behavior found in our boy, Andy and definitely his baby sister, Minz. Court definitely has the OCD thing happening, too, but like her Aunt Doo-Doo (me…another time I’ll explain), she successfully wrangles it into submission quite regularly. I spent the first 40 years of my life fighting my OCD and the next 10 years trying to control it. This last year…I’ve embraced it. I think my world is a whole lot better now because I have. *at least my linen closets and cabinets are a whole lot better now*
  • For all that I complain about Her Evil Highness aka Chloella, aka Chloe, aka Fox Bait, I truly do lover her. She is extremely affectionate. She keeps my feet warm, and my back and my face and the top of my head, all night long. She definitely rules the house. Tux and Jack bow to her every wish and whim. She hates Brett, but then they all have. I think they can all sense he is the youngest and thus low man on the food chain.

That’s it for now. I just want to assure y’all that I know how blessed I am. I am thankful. I am okay.

Love you guys. Merry Christmas!

6 thoughts on “Just wanted y’all to know…

  1. It's okay. I have a private blog which is only used to vent. If someone read it, they would think I am perpetually unhappy – even though I only post on it 3 or 4 times a year!
    We're here for you!

    By the by, I bought Made to Crave yesterday. When do we start?

  2. πŸ™‚ Venting is a good thing we all need to do it, and most of us also know all the good things in our lives it is nice to write them down! Merry Christmas,

  3. Thank you, Sandy. And I agree about our families getting along so well…I think that is what has drawn me to you and your family and your “story”. I have you in my prayers, girl, I promise. If anyone has the right to vent…it is you. And yet you always focus on the blessings you have. Love that and you!


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