So easily distracted.

I woke up thinking there was no way I could spend another day away from my home.

The house was a wreck. The laundry was piled up. Christmas Tree needles scattered about. A dishwasher full of dirty dishes. Boxes everywhere.

So after church and lunch, Shawn brought me back home while Russell, Mike, Brett and William drove South to Dumfries.

*which by now we pretty much do with our eyes closed*

Shawn changed clothes, threw his stuff together and headed back to school. He returns back home on Dec 10. Hardly seems worth it, except for the whole “study for and take semester final exams” thing.

I started digging into the kitchen, determined to straighten up, clean up, wash up, throw out and…quickly lost the will to live continue. You know, about 5 minutes in. I thought a little parental distraction would be nice and I quickly plopped myself into Mamie’s chair and dialed my parents to catch them up on our continuing adventures.

When I couldn’t drag out my procrastination any further, I headed back to the kitchen and picked up and set back down a few items. I picked up the phone again and called my sister. She wasn’t home. So I texted her. She was at the Hair Wizard. I was soooooo jealous.

Wanting to see which teams were playing, I made the fatal error turned on the tv and found myself on the USA Network, aka the All NCIS All the Time channel. My favorite. I took it as a sign. I settled in with a bowl of spaghetti-o’s with meatballs because I hadn’t eaten enough junk over the last four days.

Of course it was an episode I’ve seen a bazillion times, you know the one where Agent Lee goes undercover.

It didn’t matter. I so needed it.

During commercials, I surfed some channels and found Return of the Jedi. Nothing says Christmas like Princess Leia in a bikini.

Unfortunately, my husband was soon on his way home from Dumfries. With two loaded down trucks and an Xterra packed to the gills.

Thank goodness it was the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend which meant the traffic was wicked headed North on I-95.

I had time to enjoy the entire episode.

See y’all tomorrow. Love you guys.

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