What we have going on…

Brett’s football team beat the UNDEFEATED Vienna team, on Vienna’s home turf. We are in the playoffs. Go Blitz! Hit Squad…YOU KNOW!!!

Poor kid has yet to make it to Velocity conditioning or a practice with his new basketball team. Travel. A Team, baby. If football ever gets done…we might get to see who is on this team.

The Girl has game 1 of District Playoffs tomorrow night at 7:00. We’re going in second seed…home team advantage for us. We should win. Which will take us to semi-finals Wednesday night and then the finals on Thursday night. We’re going for back-to-back Patriot District wins. Go Spartans…Hoo-Rah ACE!

And, The Girl is also back to playing her first love…soccer. She got burnt out on it after a few years on travel. Never went out for the high school team. Now she’s playing on a house team and loving it. Already been picked up for the All-Star team. Playing Defense. The only time she ever played D was as a goalie. She hurt her knee yesterday. Don’t tell her varsity volleyball coach.

The Man started a new job two weeks ago. Back in the government. Working for TSA…loving it. He has a compressed work week which means he works a bit longer every day and gets every other Friday off. Woo-Hoo. RDO (Regular Day Off), Baby! We had lunch together last Friday…his first RDO. It was sweet. He used to do this when he worked for Uncle Sam before. Sorry, Lori…it’s not our fault that Jeff keeps taking on more and more responsibility thus losing his RDO!

Shawn is doing well at school, as far as we can tell. He’ll be home the second week in December or around there for Christmas Break. I keep forgetting he’ll be home for Thanksgiving, too. We’ll make our annual trek to the Glengary Tree Farm in Amissville the day after Thanksgiving. I can’t believe the Holiday season is almost here! My favorite time of year. And then it’s over and that’s when I get SAD. Except for a brief flash of joy the end of January when Brett and I have our birthdays.

Trunk or Treat at our church tonight. I’m overseeing the registration tables to make sure EVERYONE signs in and gives us their info so we can follow up.

That’s about it…chat soon!

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  1. I, too, am having a hard time believing the holiday season is already upon us. Love those pink cleats! And the pop tarts? Definitely a theme going on with those đŸ˜‰

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