Somewhere between frantic and bored.

I’m sure it’s no secret by now that I am one busy girl we are a busy family.

Today is Shawn’s birthday party, aka The Hottest Day of 2008. It is so stinkin’ humid already that I just want to crawl back into bed and stay there.

I think I’m over the whole, “it’s all about Shawn” year. Really, he doesn’t outwardly appreciate it, not that that is why we are doing it. But seriously, he’s downright surly these days. Again, I have heard from other parents-of-seniors that are experiencing the same thing. They totally agreed with my idea that it is God’s plan to make them surly right now so that we can’t wait to dump them at their dorm door. Sorta like that last month of pregnancy when you can’t sleep, you pee all the time and you just want that kid out even though you know your life will never be the same again.

So today, we’re having a bunch o’ folks over for crabs, clams, burgers & dogs. Did I mention it is already 78 degrees, and the humidity is so high that the is fawg hanging in the air? Fawg…I still can not pronounce it the way Brett used to say it…fawg. Somewhere between fog and frog.

The girl has already been dropped off at and has officially begun her first SAT. Tomorrow she and Sip are playing in the Side-Out Foundation volleyball tournament (thank you to all of you who have contributed!) and it is Senior Recognition day at church. We have a senior. He will be recognized. Following the service, seniors and families are being treated to a lunch in the Fellowship Hall. We will “dine and dash” as we would like to see the girl play a match or two.

Did I mention there is only five days of school left!? FIVE DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT. Five words that bring chills to my heart. I’m not ready. They need to be in school, being productive, staying out of trouble, where I don’t have to worry about the whole who-is-going-where-with-whom and who-is-driving stuff.

The girl officially began her new job at the vet clinic last night. I totally lost count of the number of times she texted me this statement: This Job Is SO Awesome!!! She and I are total animal freaks. I went to college pre-med/pre-vet, intending to do something along the animal world line. And here I am, a college drop-out, working in our church, raising three darlings. Totally not my plan, totally His Plan.

Okay, I have procrastinated enough. Really, I’m bored and boring as dirt this morning, putting off the inevitable frantic pace I will assume once I get moving! Thanks for being my distraction this morning. I hope to take lots of pics!

Oh, and one more thing…I adore you guys.

3 thoughts on “Somewhere between frantic and bored.

  1. You are not as boring as dirt! I’d take a post like this anyday over GT. 🙂Have a total blast today with the King of the Year! Even though it is screaming hot…enjoy your friends and his…Love ya!(I leave in two days. TWO days!!!)

  2. Susan,Oh yeah, it is soooooo Hooooot. I feel sick just stepping out the door. My bff is having her youngest daughter’s graduation party tomorrow afternoon and I am praying it cools down. This is her daughter that I kept in the nursery when she was 6 months old…My oldest girl and her youngest were a pair of troublemakers. My girl took the SAT today, too. Head spinning days. I pray your party is a sucess!KathyPS It doesn’t matter how surly they get. Dropping them off at school is harder than giving them birth. Remember to breathe.

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