A very calm update.

So. Not so frantic here. I thought I would be. When I was at 3 hours and counting…I kind of freaked for a moment but then I was totally okay. And it has all come together…once I told my spousal unit to ‘please, just do what I say’ regarding getting me a straight edge. He wanted a three page dissertation on why I wanted a straight edge. Of course I will apologize, later, maybe, but when I’m running around from room to room and project to project, don’t ask me why I need what I asked you to get me when you just asked me what I needed. Deep breath. Got a tad frantic THERE for a moment. Now I’m good.

So, he’s off to get the crabs and clams. Everything else is pretty together, I think. I just braided Sarah’s hair and I’m munching on a Caribbean Mix Fruit Bar from Whole Foods.

We’ll be taking pictures, I’m sure!

Did I mention it is hot? 96 degrees, feels like 101 according to weather.com. We’ll have the ceiling fan going on the back porch and floor fan blowing on the deck, but OY.

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