Just A Little Meme….

Favorite Movies of All Time: Lady Hawk; Pride & Prejudice (A&E); The Mummy (seriously…Brandon Frazier…Oh. My.)

Favorite Musical Group or Artist: Journey and Travis, yes…Travis Cottrell (Teri)

Favorite Sports Team: Washington Nationals

Favorite Thing to Do on a Saturday: Hmmmm….could it be….Volleyball?!

Favorite Scriptures: Psalm 63

The Last Thing I Do Before Bedtime is: Think about my day. Meditate on scripture.

A Historical Figure I Would Like to Meet: Thomas Jefferson

In High School I Was Most Likely to Be: At the little restaurant below our apartment building eating the best calamari ever known to mankind…in Izmir, Turkey.

These Days I Am Most Likely to Be: Blogging or driving a child or two or three around.

4 thoughts on “Just A Little Meme….

  1. I am going to steal that meme for my bloggy! I love learning new things about you! Except I already knew about Travis. (I even put one of 14 songs available, on my blog, just for you…no, actually there is a huge story as to why I heart that song…)Anyway, I totally think you ROCK. (But you already know I think that…right?)<3-T


  2. Oh yeah…I need to find out about Turkey…Favorite color…Oh I think I know this…Lavender? Maybe not.Andddddd, Lady Hawk??? I have never even heard of that movie.


  3. I love these!! I say I’m always gonna do them and somehow I forget.Maybe I will now. But, please still be my friend if I don’t! 🙂Hugs~Fran


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