Lord, I Hear You Saying This to Me…

1. Obedience to You is Your love language.

2. You are the same today as You were yesterday as You will be tomorrow. No matter what happens.

3. You use every situation.

4. Nothing happens without You allowing it to happen.

5. Russell continues to love me, no matter what, as an example of You in my life.

6. You are using Russell and all of those around me to teach me more about You.

7. I must throw off That Girl, the old Susan, once and for all.

8. I must continue to strive to be This Girl, the new Susan, created by You, for Your pleasure, and must do so until the moment I am with You in Heaven.

9. You love me. You love Russell. You love our children.

10. You are using me to teach other’s about You.

11. I must not be afraid!

12. Live and speak and walk my ministry.

13. You have great and amazing plans for us and our children. Things we cannot even begin to imagine.

14. You strategically place people in my life and in my path and me in theirs.

15. You are Holy. I am unworthy. Yet You love me.

Edited to add one more from this morning:

16. In the words of my beloved Beth Moore: Susan, it’s time to just DO the thing!

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