Side-Out Volleyball Foundation.

Even though I’m still on bloggy sabbatical, stuff is happening that I need to share.

My daughter, Sarah, plays volleyball year round. Not a news flash for the three of you that read my blog, I know, but I had to start this conversation somewhere.

One of her previous coaches began the Side-Out Volleyball Foundation to support breast cancer. His precious Momma is a survivor. 2008 marks the 4th annual tournament.

Sarah competed in the tournament a couple years ago with a friend. Their team was moved to a higher division. Where they were soundly beaten. And cried. A lot. Because they were beaten so badly. You’d think that would have ruined the experience. But, no.

Last year, Sarah signed up with another “friend.” A girl that Sarah tried to reach, tried to get through to, but couldn’t. On the day of the tournament, Ashley was no where to be found. Sarah didn’t get to compete. You’d think that would have ruined the experience. But, no.

This year, Sarah is competing with her bff, Sipple. Most of the girls are called by their last names on the team, except for my daughter who is called Goose. Because that is what her dad calls her and all the girls think it is hilarious. So Team GooseSipp is going to take the gold. How do I know this? Because Sipp is the #1 setter in the district and my daughter is an outside hitting beast. Not that I’m partial or anything. Not a bit. Okay, I’m partial. But still. They are good. But it’s not about winning…it’s about raising money for breast cancer research and services.

So, here’s the deal. Team GooseSipp has to raise $75.00 in order to actually compete. Of course y’all know that Sipp’s parents and the Goose’s parents aren’t going to let a small amount like $75 stop their girls from competing, but I will just add the link here and also in my sidebar in case anyone wants to check it out. Or donate. Or both.

And, thank you.

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  1. Blessings and thank you to you, Sweet Susan!Sending me those encouraging posts about praying for my son give me another affirmation at how GOD is at work in my son’s life.Someone said on my blog that we shouldn’t steal GOD’s testimony in our children’s lives, whatever it be. I know my son will be a testimony to HIS power!Praying for your team and for you as well!!Teri

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