When We Get it Right.

After my quiet time this morning, the Lord laid this on my heart.

When We Get it Right

I wish it were more often,
that we get it right.
More often than not, I fear,
we do it wrong in His sight.
We never stopped to consider,
to do it any other way.
To hug, to kiss to say I love you,
each and every day.
Oh, the times that we have blown it,
too numerous to bear.
He will make it right, I pray
in this I must not give a care.
The choice was not theirs to make,
and yet they rarely push us away.
Begin today, sweet friends, right now!
Don’t let them stray a single day.

Watching our children grieve this past week has been quite an eye opener for us. What we take for granted…hugging our children, holding their hand, crying with them as we all grieve together…other parents were astounded by. I found that to be very sad and heavy on my heart.

Russell says we never gave them a choice. I like to hope that this is the choice they made.

4 thoughts on “When We Get it Right.

  1. Aww Girlfriend! That is so awesome! I did not know that you were a poet! Very cool!I am happy to see you on…maybe it is just a short little sabbatical from your sabbatical…but w/e it is, I am happy to be reading on your blog!Love you-T


  2. Dear Susan,Thank you for your congratulations. In fact, it was your comment about an announcement that made me realize I might be! I actually checked theh calendar and thought, “Huh. Guess I should check…” I found out a few days later. I wanted to share the new with you directly, but it was the day you posted about your friends’ son and it didn’t seem appropriate. Hope this is ok.


  3. Just beautiful Susan. I think many of us are realizing or somewhat grasping the concept of love and life and Jesus all over again. Its hitting me fresh every day. LIVE!!! Don’t waste time. Love my family deeply. PRaying for you all.Love,Fran


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