Apparently, my Love Language is Volleyball.

God knows what my true love language is. I always thought it was gifts (according the official love language test). But God used volleyball to get my attention.

It’s not the first time.

If you are an even one-hit reader of this blog, you probably quickly figured out that our daughter plays volleyball and we are freakishly supportive of her.

We are totally a sports-driven family. Both my Man and I played various sports growing up.

Somehow, Brett got talked into playing volleyball, for the same house league Sarah played on years ago. As a 5 foot 8.5 inch 6th grader, we opted to move him up to the middle school team but that meant that the man and I would need to coach, with the help of both of our older children, apparently.

And here is the God speaks to me part.

You can not imagine the impact it has made on the parents of the kids we are coaching that our entire family is out there on the sidelines coaching, encouraging and cheering on their kids.

And I am so used to that…I almost missed it.

Sarah is also reffing volleyball for this league, but last night she was working a different school and missed the first match we played. She arrived for the second match and quickly took over. She is affectionately called The Dictator at our home.

The “love” soon came out…

Shawn: Sarah, move back, I can’t see. I’m trying to coach.
Sarah: Shawn, shut up. I’m the coach.
Shawn: Sarah, mom and dad are the coach. I’m co-coaching. You weren’t even here for the first match.
Sarah: Shawn, mom and dad are the coaches-on-record…I’m the REAL coach.
Sarah: MOM! Who’s the coach?
Shawn: MOM! Tell her to back up.
Me: I’m the coach. Your dad is the co-coach. Shawn’s our muscle and Sarah is there for the boys to go ga-ga over. Shut up both of you and move back I’M TRYING TO COACH!

The love was just flowing! lol.

Seriously, though…all of this was said with laughter and joking (and not a small bit of jockeying for position on the sideline).

The truth is…God has so daggone blessed me with this family and I continue to allow circumstance to overshadow that realization so much so that…well, I boldly jumped straight into the pit over the last couple of weeks and didn’t even WANT to look up to see Him standing there, His arm stretched out, fingers reaching, straining to grasp my hand and gently pull me to safety. To peace. To calm.

And when I finally looked up last night and saw Him standing there, I also saw this incredible family He has blessed me with. A husband who (for some insane reason) continues to love me NO MATTER WHAT. A son who clearly is on the path to becoming a man after God’s own heart. A daughter who is compassionate, loving, and just a bit mouthy. And she loves the Lord. After playing in tournaments four straight Sunday’s she was jumping up and down with excitement to be able to go to Sunday School and church for two Sundays in a row. And a curly headed child, who looks like a high school kid, who leads The Pastor’s Posse at church. Tutors kids in the city on Monday afternoons. And still sneaks up to his momma for a hug and a kiss whenever none of his siblings are looking.

Y’all…it does not get any better than this. So many parents came up to us last night to comment on our entire family being out there. Shawn (our child wanting to major in elementary education, who has coached kids in everything from baseball and soccer to basketball and volleyball now) gave each child his undivided attention when they needed it/asked for it. He pulled each kid aside to encourage him or give him individual instruction. Whooped it up on the sideline every time they did (and sometimes didn’t) make a play. And he cooks! The mom’s that have watched him grow up always talk about Shawn as “the boy I want my daughter to marry”. It does a mom’s heart good to hear someone talk about her son that way. Especially when said mom is in his bathroom picking up his dirty underwear and socks AGAIN that got tossed in the corner when he hopped in the shower.

The boys were absolutely ga-ga over the girl. Why wouldn’t they be? A high school girl talking to each of them, laughing, helping them with their game, playfully ruffling their hair, and giving it right back to them when they mouth off to her.

Can I just say that GOD IS SO GOOD! And thankfully, He does keep reaching down to pull me from the miry pit, every single stinkin’ time I jump into it.

Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands. Deuteronomy 7:9.

4 thoughts on “Apparently, my Love Language is Volleyball.

  1. Gotta love it! Family rocks! Today I was just thinking…I just LOVE this gift from God. (Family) And from this day on I am truly going to live in it…not just watch it all go by!Loving this post and loving what God is doing in your life n family!<3,T

  2. You know what Susan…that might be the most beautiful, sweetest thing you’ve written!!! 😉I know…sometimes these moments with family and God simply take our breath away and melt our hearts to a beautiful puddle.Hugs~Fran

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