And now…some gratuitous photos.

The first photo is of our youngest, Brett with his big sister, Sarah.

The second photo is big sister trying to hug on said little brother. Earlier, you know first thing Easter Sunday morning, she had been screaming at him, “IF YOU BANG ON THE DOOR ONE MORE TIME I AM GOING TO SMACK YOU!!!!”. Two hours later, she’s hugging on him.

The last photo is our oldest, Shawn with my future daughter-in-law. If I have anything to say about it. LOVE HER. They have a long-standing friendship…which neither seems willing to jeopardize by actually admitting they like each other. Since they are only 17…they have plenty of time to work that out. Call me crazy, but I met The Man when I was 15 years old.

Just saying.

Did I mention they might be going to the same college?

5 thoughts on “And now…some gratuitous photos.

  1. Wow, Am I behind or are you prolific lately?Love the photos of your beautiful/handsome kids. Gratuitous, indeed. 🙂And as for your darkness struggles … someone I love should read your blog because I think she’s having some similar struggles. I fear she doesn’t have your insight, however.How did you do on your exercise and water today? ~The Coach

  2. I just want to take that sons hair and just mess it up…not that its probably all fixed…ya know what I’m saying…you just wanna do something to that wonderful head of hair!! 🙂Precious family Susan. Is it still quiet over there?? And, I love me some routine!! Hallelujah!

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