Something on my Mind…

Thank you so much for all of your support! I started this blog with the sole intent of it being a chronicle of my walk with Him and I was hoping I’d pick up some hitchhikers along the way…and I am continually floored by all of you that He has sent here.

So I have to get something else off my chest. (Yes, I’m still home with a fever and a wicked, wicked cough but I’m actually up and about a bit. My back was killing me from being in bed. I have a lot on my mind. And, even though I haven’t the slightest interest in food, I threw together a pot roast dinner in the crock pot for my family and I’m actually sipping a second cup of Cafe Verona.)

Back to it…

You remember back here and I sort of had a mini-panic attack about the entire name/information thing. It was a knee jerk reaction that I have forever since regretted.

If I’m going to walk as This Girl…trusting Him, believing Him, putting my life into His hand, doesn’t that also include my family? Not that I’m going to post every single fact regarding my family, who we are, where we live, etc., but…I would like to introduce you to my family.


Our youngest. Also known as “Munchkin” to his big sister. Which cracks me up since he is already 3 inches taller than she is.


Our middle child and only girl (which she moans about all the time, but she also knows just how sweet she has it.)


Our oldest. The one going off to college this Fall. That I still can’t believe has already grown up. That has my eyes tearing up as I type this.

The Man. My Man. Russell. He and I have been through some times, y’all.

I had to do this. I felt…like I wasn’t being honest by using other names for My People. After all, we spent 9 months + several days after delivery coming up with names for our boys. It was much more difficult deciding on their names than actually giving birth to them. Seriously! The girl…she was always Sarah. After my paternal grandmother and a good, strong, biblical name, too.

So there you have it. I feel so much better now. And I’m sorry if I wigged any of you out by my panic over the name/information/privacy issue. I still will think about it. But I’m not going to worry about it. I’m going to let Him handle it.

7 thoughts on “Something on my Mind…

  1. 🙂 Thanks for the re-introduction! Great names. Sarah is one of my favorites. 🙂 And I understand wigging out … it can be so hard to know what safe guidelines are online.

  2. Well, now I don’t have to stop and think about their internet names anymore…Hope you are feeling better.Just got back from baseball and I am FREEZING!!!!!!

  3. Well..I understand….and, I’m glad you are at peace about this! 🙂And…I love the pictures. What a wonderful family you have. I sure hope you are going to SA in the Fall for the Siesta Fiesta?? Any chance you’re going??? I really do hope you feel better soon. I’ve been there….its a complete drag. Praying for ya!Hugs~Fran

  4. I was blog jumping and ended up here. As I was scrolling down I just couldn’t believe how much your youngest looks like the kid who play on Even Steven (I think that was the name of it, on the Disney channel). Am I the only person who sees a similarity? 🙂

  5. You have a beautiful family. Figuring out your comfort level with information sharing is a difficult one in blog world.

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