Superheroes Sweetheart Banquet.

We had an awesome time last night. We do this event every year. There is always a parent or two “in charge” but really…our Youth (7th-12th grade) run the show. They plan, they decorate. The order and then serve the food. They plan games and entertainment. This year was Superheroes.

Here are the six Power Rangers:

The kid in green is our oldest. He has basically been the lead youth for the last few Sweetheart Banquets (he takes after The Man in his love for party planning). The Pink Ranger is my future daughter-in-law (if I have anything to say about it). Her parents met at high school valedictorian camp…need I say anything else about this offspring of theirs? She’s beautiful AND very, very smart. And…like our oldest…she loves the Lord. An awesome combination! And yes, they both know that I have them pegged for marriage. They indulge me. But don’t want to ruin their friendship. Hmmm…they’ve never said they didn’t actually NOT have feelings for them. I’m patient. I can wait.

The Man and I dressed up also. He’s The Terminator. I’m Super Mom aka Super Woman.

Some of My Home Girls were here, too.

And our youngest, too…he knew who to hang out with!

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